Media Specialist Josh Laverty: How Churches Become Tech-Savvy – Skype Interview Part 1

It’s difficult to stay media savvy.

Personally, I feel like I learn something new every couple of days. Yet, I always feel one step behind of cultural trends and organizational tools.

Thankfully, God has blessed me with some unique relationships over the years. People who are more savvy than I, and who can provide some useful information in a pinch.

Enter Josh Laverty.

I first met Josh at Summit College. I was blessed to serve at this wilderness Bible college while Josh was a student, and therefore develop a decent friendship.

Time moves on and people move one, but I recently reconnected with Josh. He was always pretty tech savvy, but that hasn’t definitely sharpened over the years.

So much so, he has become a Media Specialist; assisting people and organizations with social media, photography, videography and more.

I had to interview him.

Josh has a lot to offer your church, mission, non-profit or small business. Whether you’re just entering into the media and tech realm, or you’ve been at it for a while now; Josh can help streamline the process.

Over the next 2 days, you will receive valuable information on some of the following topics:

  • The Power of Video for Churches and Non-Profits
  • Start-Up Photography and/or Videography Equipment
  • Software Must-Haves for Effective Media-Editing
  • Using Social Media Effectively

Josh Laverty, Media Specialist: Part 1


How is your church, non-profit or small business using technology? How is photography or videography a part of your tech strategy? How do you use social media to get your message out to the world?

Photo Credit: JefferyTurner via photopin cc

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