Finally Finished My First eBook

It’s been a long time coming.

Lead Well - Profile PicIt was a lot more difficult than I had first anticipated.

I had lots of content from past blog posts and I had a good idea of where I wanted to go Scripturally.

However, formatting it all to make it work and look nice in ePub and PDF file-types was a challenge.

I spent way too many hours searching images. Then many more hours editing images and fonts.

All of which to obtain a look that conveys my title effectively, yet also connects to my blog format.

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What Is Slave Beard? – Interview with Founder, Adam Meyers: Part 3

Today is our final day with Slave Beard.

Adam Meyers - The Slave BeardThis past week, we’ve been hearing from founder, Adam Meyers.

We’ve listened as Adam shares his passion for Christ, his ability to lead and his desire to end child slavery.

As we end this 3-part interview series, I’d like to ask that you help Adam by joining the movement and sharing the Slave Beard message.

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What Is Slave Beard? Part 2 of My Interview with Adam Meyers

On Thursday, I brought you Slave Beard.

Slave Beard FollowersToday we will continue our discussion with the man behind the movement.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out yesterday’s interview, click HERE and give it a watch before moving on to today’s clip.

So without further a due, here’s Part 2 of my Skype interview with Adam Meyers, founder of Slave Beard.

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What Is Slave Beard? – Skype Interview with Adam Meyers: Part 1

Growing facial hair has become quite the trend.

Slave BeardMany a hipster fella can be seen with a carefully twisted moustache or well-trimmed beard. Even just a bit of stubble seems to make the look complete.

Facial hair provides an opportunity for individuality.

Then there’s Duck Dynasty.

Forget about trimming. Just let it grow. Conservative American (and Canada) is captivated by these God-fearing, back woods bunch.

The characters make the show great, but their beards became iconic.

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How a Soccer Themed Cookie Made My Day

Today I want to write about cookies.

Starbucks Soccer Cookies

I want to write about cookies from Starbucks. I know, Canadian readers; typically the Norton family is a Tim Horton’s family.

Nevertheless, the Starbucks was on the way.

We originally went in to grab a couple of coffees for my wife and I. While Nicole took our 2 boys to the bathroom, I put in the coffee order.

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How a False Faith in Firearms Enhanced My Fear in Bear Country

Western Alberta is bear country.

Western Alberta also has cougars (mountain lions). Not to mention the natural elements and other potential dangers of wilderness activity.

Hiking and backpacking in the Albertan wilderness has a level of risk involved. There is an element of acute awareness to one’s surroundings; maybe even a healthy fear.

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Why You Should Consider Taking a Fast from Technology

Are you in love with your media devices?

This week, I discussed the fact that I only have dial-up internet access at our Bible camp. The post was titled, 3 Benefits of Having Dial-up Internet.

In a snap shot, it (1) prevents technology addiction, (2) improves my relationships with God and my family, and (3) I get to enjoy other projects and hobbies.

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