How Generosity of Time Deepens the Hospitality Experience

Receiving hospitality feels great.

Photo Credit: Lynn Kelley Author via photopin cc

That moment when someone has gone out of their way, to make us feel welcomed and comfortable. When we feel like we belong in a place that is not our home. Generosity given in abundance, outside of what would ever be expected.

That’s hospitality.

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3 Faith Reminders Taken from Campfire Flames

We went camping this past weekend.

Popcorn on the Fire

Our family tried out a campground called Fox Lake, located an hour outside of Whitehorse. It was awesome.

Moreover, there was no cell service or wifi. It really helped me unplug, unwind and focus on my wife and boys for a couple of days.

Our family had so much fun. Fishing, chopping wood, reading, picking berries and of course, popping popcorn over the campfire.

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Losing Team Perspective WILL Lead to Ministry Heartache

Ministry needs team perspective.

Photo Credit: D.Clow – Maryland via photopin cc

In Ecclesiastes 4, we read that, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” (4:9-10a)

In my opinion, this biblical truth aligns perfectly within team perspective. The success of a team approach has been proven to me time and time again. Keeping in mind, that being part of a team is still hard work.

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3 Clues into Culture From Tim Horton’s Recent Renos

Culture changes.

Tim Horton's USB Plug

When culture changes, organizations have to adapt. If an organization wants to continue to fulfil its mandate year after year, change must take place.

As Canadians, we have seen this lived out within our beloved fast food chain, Tim Horton’s. Almost all of them are being renovated towards a more cafe look. All in all, at atmosphere that spends the message, “Stay a while.

But how long should we stay? Considering the instalment of USB supported outlets in every booth, the message seems to be, “As long as you want.

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How the Church Can Benefit From Cooperating with Community Organizations

Everyone needs to eat.

Stuff the Bus

Everyone who has ever lived and ever will live, must eat to survive. The problem is that sometimes, there’s no food available. This is a problem that the church can and should try to address.

Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.” (Is. 58:10 – NLT)

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3 Ministry Tips Learned From Styrofoam Gliders

Remember these?

Glider 1

Our family was in a hotel recently and they had a kids treasure chest. At check-in, children can pick one item from the chest. In the chest, was a bunch of toys; a few of which were these styrofoam gliders.

The boys grabbed them with excitement and ran over to me. “Dad, check these out! Aren’t they awesome?

They are awesome!” I explained to my boys that their uncles and I had loads of these growing up. As I put together the 2 planes, I was immediately taken back to my childhood. No instructions needed.

I knew exactly how to put together these bad boys.

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3 Reasons Why I’m Glad We Moved into a Fixer Upper

The place was not what we had expected.

Photo Credit: morag.riddell via photopin cc

We had been on the road for 4 days. We had travelled 2200 km from Calgary to Whitehorse. We had finally arrived at our new home; a rental near the church where I would be working.

Our home in Alberta has not yet sold, so we decided to rent for a year. We’d save buying a home until we had a bit more equity and a good lay of the land on the best place to buy in Whitehorse.

We pulled up to our new home, filled with wonder and excitement. Following God’s call to the Yukon had been almost a decade in coming, so joy had filled our hearts.

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